Curriculum Modelling

Trial Timetables are the perfect way for schools to know the true effects and costs of implementing a different curriculum structure or timetable model, before they commit themselves to making the change.


A trial timetable provides vital planning information such as:

  • The actual effect on student learning.
  • The actual changes to teaching practice.
  • The actual changes to the daily running of the school.
  • The actual number and type of rooms required.
  • The actual number of classes for each subject.
  • The actual number of staff required to timetable the proposed curriculum.
  • The actual shortfall or excess in any human or physical resource.
  • The actual number of staff who will be below full allotment to enable budgeting for relief staff requirements.

The trial timetable enables all staff to see the effect of implementing a new curriculum model or timetable structure.

As well as the overall understanding of the new model, all staff can have an individual timetable to be able to assess the actual change to their particular role as well as the changes for students.



The construction of the trial timetable can be accomplished in outsource mode or consultation mode.

(a) Outsource Mode – We do all the work

Outsource mode has a set fee which reflects how long it takes to gather the data and constraints plus the time it will take to construct the trial timetable.  We apply the required changes to your timetable within the constraints and resources you set.
A written quote and completion date is provided.


(b) Consultation Mode – Your staff work with us

Consultation mode has a fee based on the actual number of days worked with one of our experienced consultants.  Your senior staff will be involved with the decision making and assisting with the work.  The trial timetable can be constructed at our office or in your school.  If you already have the data in The Timetabler then depending upon the extent of the changes required, allow one day plus one day per 200 students.  If student timetables need to be made available, allow an extra day.  (i.e. In total, allow two days plus one day per 200 students.)  If different student option grid lines are to be trialled as well, allow an extra one day per 200 students who are to be in the trial option grid.