Outsource Mode

Outsourcing the construction of your clash free timetable is both a time and a cost efficient means of ensuring the best timetable for your particular requirements.  It saves time and effort and frees senior personnel to focus on roles for which they are trained.

Our consultants are highly skilled and experienced in all types of timetables.  They have successfully constructed hundreds of timetables for schools.  Their knowledge of curriculum and timetabling constraints is unique.

Our processes for constructing a clash free timetable ensures that we understand your requirements completely before construction begins and provides you with a detailed report upon completion.

Three options for outsourcing constructions:

  • Option 1.  We construct your timetable according to your constraints, the school provides the staff loads and student grid lines.
  • Option 2.  We set up your student grid lines, and construct your timetable according to your constraints, the school provides the staff loads.
  • Option 3.  We set up your student grid lines, modify/complete the final staffing and construct your timetable according to your constraints.

The fee is based upon our estimate of the time required to construct a clash free timetable according to your data and constraints agreed to at Sign Off.  Clients are provided with a written quote with a fixed price range prior to the commencement of the construction.

To construct the best possible timetable for your school according to your constraints, allow between 6 and 12 weeks depending upon choice of option and size of school.

Timetable Construction – DIY

Generally speaking, the time needed for a senior teacher, experienced in timetabling, to gather data and construct their own school’s timetable to start a year is around 30% of the student population in hours.  For example, a school of 600 students would require around 180 person hours.  Changes and extra timetables needed throughout the year require additional person hours.

We have used Timetabling Solutions timetable construction service for three years now and the benefits are immeasurable. The process is detailed and communication with Timetabling Solutions is efficient and reassuring, leading to a timetable that not only meets our immediate needs but which we can adapt throughout the year if necessary.”

Keith Birch, Ibstock Place School, UK