Projects Under Development

Products Under Development


Products Under Development

This page is a “future looking statement”, products may function differently than detailed here at the time of release.


  • Timetabling Solutions Version 9 (V1 – first released in 1984)
    – beta available March 2015, formal release is scheduled for March 2016
  • Timetabling Data Store (TDS – 1st release)
    – beta available September 2015, formal release yet to be determined


Timetabling Data Store, (1st release)

The Timetabling Data Store (TDS) is a fully hosted web application and provides centralized SQL Server storage of timetable data and access via web services to a variety of devices and systems, including a SIF interface.

It is designed as an enterprise system with full, multi-level permissions and access control allowing the administrator at the school to determine which fields 3rd party applications can read/write to.

Administrators can create user accounts and set edit permissions to basic timetable data (students, teachers, rooms, subjects) with any change being logged, displaying the Date/time, User and Action they performed.

Your timetabler has access to a private Project folder for storing working files and a Published folder that populates the TDS data for other users/systems to read/write.

Eg Timetablers create a Spring Term timetable now and schedule it to be published in 10 days time.  When published all users/systems that have been granted access can read/write the new data, but not before the published date.

  • Fully hosted by Timetabling Solutions, no software to install or maintain
  • Data is encrypted, safe and secure
  • Administrator at your school controls user accounts, 3rd party connectivity, read/write levels
  • Data added/edited/deleted in the TDS can update V9 Student files and Timetable files