Student Options Module


Last year how long did it take to build your Student Option Blocks ?
A couple of days ? A couple of weeks ?

Student Options takes seconds to calculate and create option blocks.
It enables multiple scenarios to be tested and in a couple of hours the optimum option blocks constructed to suit a school’s requirements and more importantly its student’s needs.

Don’t believe us ? Then let us prove it to you.
Meet us online and allow us to demonstrate just how quickly our Student Options module creates option blocks and how you can use it to construct the optimum option block structure.
We can even use your option data and send you back the results.

Contact Us to book a free online demonstration.

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The Student Options module is used when students are offered a choice in their course of study and you are required to assign options to students based on their nominated preferences.  This module can also be used just to enter student details to obtain course lists and individual student timetables, etc.

There are extensive curriculum checks, such as the number of students who have nominated or not nominated specific groups of options.  Once the student preferences are recorded and curriculum checks made, the options are placed on a grid.  This can be done automatically (using the programs Create function) or interactively, or a combination of both.

The grid can have up to nine sub-grids so that courses for different terms (or semesters) can be planned together.  Options can be specified for one or more sub-grids.

Once the grid has been developed the program’s Auto function will assign options to students in a few seconds.

There are various features that give you extra control when auto assigning options.  You can lock in students to courses that have started on one sub-grid and are yet to begin on another.  It is possible to exempt certain students (usually those just enrolled from this locking process).

You can specify any option that must be assigned to a student and easily change any options already assigned; an excellent feature when counselling students.

The module gives a large number of reports based on fields such as roll class, house, home group, year level and gender.

Student Options is connected to the Timetable Development module to give individual timetables for each student, from within both modules.