(It provides an alternative to General Access for those schools requiring an Apple Mac application)

TimetableFind is a native Mac OS X application that can be run on all Macintosh computers on your school network and no additional licenses are required.

TimetableFind can be purchased for £490.

Version upgrades of TimetableFind are supplied to schools whilst on a Software Maintenance Agreement.

The features include:

> Lists of students attending any special activities, for which timetable changes have been made in the Daily Organiser module.> Provides automatically amended lesson lists resulting from timetable changes made in the Daily Organiser module.> Can generate general student lists (by roll class, house, year level, home group, gender or any combination).> Ability to sort on codes or names.> Student and teacher photographs appear on screen with individual timetable displays if required. > A multi-user program that can be accessed from all computers on network with the one license.> Publishes information from Timetable Development and Daily Organiser modules.> Cycle timetables for teachers, rooms and students.> Print all teacher class lists on separate pages.> Daily changes to teacher, room and student timetables.> Teacher and message bulletins from Daily Organiser module.

> Lists students attending each lesson.

> Lists of students that attend lessons taken by a certain teacher or in a certain room.

Teacher timetable with photo and search.bmp