Below are some of the Testimonials we have had from UK Schools.


“We have used Timetabling Solutions software at IPS for nine years and, in my opinion as an experienced timetabler, it is unrivalled.

We have also used the company to construct our timetables and are just about to embark on the process for the ninth time. The process is always smooth and uncomplicated; the Australian timetablers are highly experienced and professional in every way and the final product is always of excellent quality.”

Huw Daniel, Deputy Headmaster,
Ibstock Place School, London.


 “We have been using Timetabling Solutions The Timetabler at Bootham School for the past three years and have found it to be extremely powerful and yet relatively straightforward to use.

The Options module provides the essential checking of potential blocking patterns and balancing the numbers of students in subjects across different blocks.

The Timetable Development module is invaluable during the scheduling process with its visual overview and the final timetable can be uploaded directly into our school MIS.”

Will Lewis, Assistant Head.
Bootham School, York.


 “We do really like the way that The Timetabler allows us to make best use of our part-time staff. 

Our staff availability data is all stored in Excel spreadsheets, and we like the way that The Timetabler is able to import these, saving us a lot of time.”

Robin Fellerman, Timetabler.
Latymer Upper School, London.


”Having used several timetabling packages, The Timetabler from Timetabling Solutions  is the one that combines all of the features I need into a neat workflow that suits the way I want to build a timetable. Whether processing pupil subject choices, managing staff and room resources, or creating the timetable itself, I have all the information and tools at my fingertips throughout.

It has transformed a once onerous task into something I actually enjoy!”

John Willetts, Head of ICT Services
Sherborne School, Sherborne.


“We have been using Timetabling Solutions since 2006 and use the Student Options and Timetabling Development modules.

We have found Timetabling Solutions V8 to be very intuitive, and the additional online lessons are clear, thorough and easy to follow. Any specific queries are always answered extremely promptly.

Most recently we have started using Web Preferences for parents and students to enter GCSE and A ‘Level options online, and we have been most impressed with the product and support received in implementing this new process.”

Emma Durnford, Assistant Timetabler.
Royal Masonic School, Rickmansworth.


“I was able to use Timetabling Solutions after a short amount of training via telephone to Australia. The manuals are very clearly written and easy to find your way around. Moving between screens is very easy and the information is colour coded and easy to find.

The student options module is straightforward to use and the options information can be displayed clearly in a number of different ways. Printing off information for colleagues is quick and easy.

The timetable development module data can be exported instantly to the General Access module so that colleagues can see the timetable developing and feedback as necessary. The timetable printouts for pupils and staff are very easy to produce and the print options ensure that everyone has a clear coy of any timetables required.

This is a quality product at a competitive price.”

Tony Payton, Deputy Head
Battle Abbey School, Battle.


“The power and flexibility will make you wish you’d heard of it earlier.”

Keith Birch, Second Master
Ibstock Place School, London.


“We had a great experience producing this year’s timetable.

Staffing used to be a very laborious, manual process but Auto Allocate has drastically sped it up. And I absolutely loved the speed and ease with which I was able to deal with student choices.” 

Tony Harkins, Timetabler
St Aloysius’ College, Glasgow.  


Timetabling Solutions software is powerful yet simple to use. The options analysis and construction tools can build efficient and workable blocks in minutes.

The scheduling software has a well ordered sequence of steps so that nothing gets missed and all constraints are considered as part of the same problem.

The ‘Lookahead Test’ feature and blocking pattern tools allow effective analysis of the problem that really have saved me days.

This is a great piece of software and I would highly recommend it to any school. The training sessions I’ve been on have been excellent too.”

Brendan Stones, Director of Studies
Reigate Grammar School